Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good-Bye to the Limits of Free Blogging

Hi everyone--I've decided to move on up...I am moving my sporadic (and yes my husband needed to help me spell that one) blogging efforts to a new site...

So join me, and my continuing life dramas at

Good-bye Blogger!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So, I am not doing so well... my resolution. I haven't blogged in EIGHT days. Not a good start, but I do have an excuse. I have been in Albuquerque for six of those days, and sick for all nine of them. I have the worst cold in the world right now, but slowly getting better. I never fully realized that business trips can be made much worse when you are sick. I hate being sick--and to be sick while traveling for work--it makes it all that much worse.

On to better things though, one of my friends at work got engaged last weekend to this great guy. He did really well on the ring choice, and she seems happy and content. That's really good to see. Funny, before the proposal she was happy, but you could tell she was anxious about something. You would ask her about marriage, and sure they talked about it all, but when she talked about the timeframe, she always said she was OK with where they are. You could tell though, she felt it was time for the next step, but when was always the nagging part. So, the when part finally happened, and the best thing about it is that she didn't expect it at that moment. I am very happy for her, and look forward to listening to her planning adventures and helping her with anything she asks of me.

Weddings are fun, and hearing about how she is just starting the whole process and all the decisions she has to make...makes me recall my wedding over three years ago. Just in time for me to start the process in putting together all my pages for the wedding album. I hope to start and finish the whole thing when in Virginia next just to get off my arse and get prepping.

BTW, if anyone has neat ideas for weddings centerpieces, invitiations, or announcements---just pass along, I am accepting any pieces of creativity now.

Monday, January 01, 2007


First off...Happy New Year, and good luck with all the resolutions for the year. Here's mine: Blog more! There is a couple more, but none that I really want to talk about right here. I have a more pressing piece of interesting "news" and it only took 10 hours into the New Year...

Well, you know about the issues in the past with my next door neighbors. The fence thing--they saying that we agreed to pay for half, and we didn't. Which led to the wife saying to me "God bless you" at the end of a asking for money confrontation when their air conditioner went out. When translated meant: "Fuck you very much." Well, now I have been labeled a racist. Yes girls, it only took 10 hours into 2007 for me to be called a racist. Needless to say, my jaw dropped open and I was utterly speechless when I heard that nasty statement. OK--I have been called a bitch many times and I am getting used to it, but what I can't get used to is that "new label". WTF?? So, I bet you are sitting their asking, "Karen, what the hell did you do?" Well, I will tell you.

I opened the door to find approximately a half a dozen men standing in my front yard looking at my neighbor and one other man unloading ATV's from a trailer onto the street in front of my house. I asked them to please not stand in my front yard, please stand in your own yard or in the street. They moved, and I shut the door and proceeded to go back to my morning. Not five minutes later, the wife came knocking at the door with her little whiny son (5 years old) in tow.

First off, the husband refuses to talk to me...he sends his wife over to talk to me when he has something to say to me. C thought it was just because she spoke English and he didn't; but he speaks English just fine.

She asked, "Do you have a problem?"
Response: "I just asked your visitors to respect our property and stand in your yard."
Neighbor: "Why? They weren't bothering you"
Response: "Actually, you and your visitors have never respected our property, and I would appreciate it if you asked your visitors not to park in front of our driveway, your children not to play in our yard, and others stand in our yard for no reason."
Neighbor: Well, your cat pees and poops in my laundry room, so why should I respect you?"
Response: I was unaware of that problem, and I would like to correct it, but I need your help to do so. But that doesn't mean that your visitors can use our yard as an extension of yours.
Neighbor: You don't want to solve...keep your cat, the black and white one on your property.
Response: I will make every effort to correct his behavior, but I would like you to ask your visitors to respect our property.
Neighbor: Get your cat out of my laundry room. Your cat doesn't respect, so why should we respect you.
Response: I told you that I would solve the cat problem, but I can't talk to the cat as easily as you can talk to your visitors.
Neighbor: Well, you are a racist.
LONG PAUSE... Response: What the hell? I am not a racist, and this issue has nothing to do with anything...

C then came to the door, and said this conversation is over and she needed to leave. Oh, btw, the whiny little boy continued to whine the entire time. A few words were exchanged between the husband and wife, and then Chris asked them both to get off our property.

We respect their property, we don't drive across their driveway, and I worked very hard to keep all cats off their property. Every time I saw one, I would grab him, discipline him, and throw them to the other side of the yard. I thought it had worked. I also collect their little drop kick dogs (they have four of them) when they get out, as they don't seem to notice when the little things escape or the kids leave the gate open We also put up with their yapping at all hours of the day and night--they don't bring the dogs in at night, and when its cold I feel really bad for the little things.

So, not sure what we are going to do now, but I pray they don't do something stupid like poison the cats, as much as I would love to put my "kids" in the house to protect them, they love to roam the front and back yards, and they would tear my house up if I locked them inside.

Here's the fact and possibly the sad truth in today's world that slapped me in the face today: No matter who you are, or what type of conflict you have with someone, if you are of different ethnicity, the "race card" can be thrown into the mix. I think it is more apparent here because we have huge issues with illegal immigrants from Mexico, and things are a bit touchy.

So, that's that. Welcome to 2007, I apparently have a cat that pees in my next door neighbor's laundry room, and I am a racist.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where I have been...

I have been here, there, and everywhere in the past few weeks; so I am very sorry that I haven't updated in such a long time. I have been to Albuquerque probably three times since I last blogged, and when I have been home it's all hectic finishing our addition. It's almost finished...we just have a few minor hiccups left to take care of. One of them is my brand new, luxurious, air-bath tub is on the fritz. When I called to complain, Jacuzzi said, "no problem, just call this licensed repairman in your area, give him your serial number, and we will get it fixed." OK--this wasn't a shock to them that my bathtub would not turn on when I pushed the power button, but would turn on by itself in the middle of the night and not shut off. Also, the blower is stuck on high. So, when I called the licensed repairman, he said no problem, sounds like the computer and I will just call and order a new one. Funny was so easy to get the repair ball rolling that it almost makes me wonder if this happens a lot with these tubs. I didn't read about any problems when I was researching the tub...but it makes you wonder. Oh well, by next Monday I will have my tub repaired, and I will be able to soak my worries away.

I will post pictures hopefully this weekend.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Land of arse

Question for today...why was New Mexico populated before Arizona? I just don't get it...and this Land of Enchantment thing...enchantment?? No you are just lulled to sleep with the boring flat landscape that hypnotizes you into a half-catonic state; not to mention---it's brown. Korie, your husband has no clue what brown is until he sees NM. I have two words for NM--brown and cold. Imagine Flagstaff weather, but no trees--just brown dirt and little shrub bushes, or at least that's what Albuquerque has to offer. The only slightly interesting thing I found in that city is a Hobby Lobby. Seriously, never been in one before and for a box store, not bad.

The big happening in that city last week was they are finally getting a Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, a White House/Black Market, and a Sharper Image. The tag line was..."now you don't have to travel to Phoenix anymore to visit these stores, we have them right here." Everyone that I spoke to outside my "engineering" world was so excited. Hell, if I had to live in Albuquerque, I would be damn excited about a Pottery Barn as well.

Lucky me, I get to travel there every other week for the next six months. Can you tell I am just so excited about it? Also, my comapny is screwing me as well. As a "part-time" travel employee, I am entitled to a laptop, which is something that I have been requesting for quite a while now. Well, my lovely office manager is hesitant to order one for me, and he would rather just scrounge one up. WTF! I am doing this company a HUGE favor by agreeing to help clean up one screwed up project, and all I am asking for is a stinking laptop. So now this lovely office manager is forcing me to go over his head to the regional manager and plead my case. This will add some fire to an already tense working relationship. Oh, and a side note, another engineer here basically got a laptop forced on them because they will be traveling one day a week to Sedona. Oh, and girls, the week I am here in Phoenix, one of the days is in Sedona as well.

Gotta just love this shit. Sorry to be venting today, but it just isn't a good one. As C put it, it's good to be angry, just not emotional...something I haven't mastered yet.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Before I get into trouble

I don't want the blog police to come after me again, so I just wanted to let you know that I am fine. I am working in Albuquerque this week. Good for a change, but with everything going on in this office and the condition of the project that I was asked to fix--one phrase comes to mind--they don't pay me enough to deal with all this shit!

I must be getting picky/grumpy or something because there are lots of people out in the world that annoy me. I just want to tell them to "Shut up. Do you really think you make any sense, or do you just like listening to yourself?" Jeez. Long story--and not that interesting...

I haven't booked my plane ticket yet, but I will when I get back to Phoenix. I am so excited to come and play in February--I can't wait.

Also, the home front is finally shaping up! We hope to have everything completed by Thanksgiving! YEA! Carpet and vanity and shower included.

Enjoyed Vegas, too! Loved Mystere! We thought it was unbelievable what those people can do--it was almost unreal! C kept saying over and over that there is no way this is real! We had a great time! Didn't gamble too much--because of the house and some yet unpaid subcontractors.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Observations about the world we live in...

I have noticed over the past few weeks in dealing with contractors and handimen, trades people, and in general other people, that as a general rule people don't care anymore. They don't care that they don't do what they say they are going to do; that they lie to people; that they don't take pride in their work and they say it's good enough...I could go on and on. What is wrong with people today?

When did people stop caring about work or behaviors that reflect negatively about themselves to other people? Are what people in other countries saying about Americans true? I hope not, because I try really hard in my life to put the best foot forward, give my very best efforts (except of course when I procrastinate, but I will readily admit that), and not lie to people. I don't really want to be lumped in with the slugs of this society, and viewed by the rest of the world as not caring. Here's the question though: Why has this happened?